At NRHC we believe incorporating a preventive plan is key to creating long-term mental health for individuals, couples and families. Similar to car maintenance, dentistry or health care, prevention can stop a lot of problems before they happen For example, in the automotive industry regular brake and engine checks prevent numerous accidents from occurring.

According to Olson, Olson-Sigg and Larson (2008), who wrote the book The Couple Check-up, “prevention is more powerful than cure.”  At NRHC we believe prevention has the ability to reduce the risk of divorce, lesson relationship distress, improve overall mental health and maintain a sense of general well-being.  Therefore, at NRHC we sometimes implement dual treatment planning that includes prevention and treatment.

Dr. Suzanne Zook-Johnston’s research study concluded that individuals who are DISSATISFIED with their current intimate relationship can IMPROVE their perception of their relationship and CHANGE their relationship if they are MOTIVATED and demonstrate a WILLINGNESS to examine their relationship.


“Relationship Reflections” is a blogging, damage-control platform for which motivated individuals, who are dissatisfied with the current state of their relationship(s), can gain knowledge about how to change their relationship, and build strategies for preventing further damage.

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