The word courage comes from the French word for heart coeur.  It is the spirit, heart, and desire for life. In order to experience courage you’ve got to break out of shells in which you’ve been hiding …

Courage makes love, passion, and intimacy possible. Without it the flowers do not bloom and the tree does not bear fruit. The sweet treasures of caring for and cherishing of your lover never materialize and the initial exciting contact turns into boredom, routine, and feels stale and devoid of life.

You’ve got to learn to communicate in a way that INSPIRES someone to be your devoted lover and partner. You have to be trustworthy. You have to mean what you say and express your truth and find your voice. You have to show up.

You have had to dig into your own wells of courage to emerge from the depressed, hopeless post-divorced man or woman that you are. Fill yourself with courage and desire!

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